Sunset Drift Encore

Wednesday, April 29, 2020
We once again anchored Impulse near Marker 1, but the wind was not as cooperative as last week, so there was quite a bit of chop.  This time we brought pizza for dinner, along with friends Joe and Julie O'Brien, who accompanied us last week too.  Nine boats arrived eventually, with Cygnet anchoring first, well before 7:15.  Others arrived, but most did not stay until the 8:00 sunset - the rough water made anchoring or drifting difficult.  We saluted sunset with a honk or two.  And the sunset was not as cooperative either - not our usual beautiful sky.  It was good to be out on the water anyway!

Mary Yeomans

Cruise Participants:

1.  Bob and Annette Sanders                                    Cygnet
2.  Jack and Joan Osborne                                        Barefoot
3.  Rob and Sue Linehan (Brandts onboard too)        Caralyst II
4.  Toby and Almut Haswell                                        Footloose
5.  Kevin and Nan Lee                                                A Little Leeway
6.  Igor and Iwona Kapuscinski                                Invincible
7.  Frank and Gail Adshead                                        Ad-Sea
8.  Dave and Debbie Porter                                        Windswept
9.  Gary and Pat Gaddy                                            Glacier Bay
10.  Bill and Mary Yeomans                                        Impulse
Cruise Captain: 
Bill and Mary Yeoman