Sunset Drift Cruise

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Sunset Drift Cruise

April 22, 2020

Marker 1, Charlotte Harbor

What a beautiful evening! We anchored Impulse near Marker 1 at about 6:30 with a bucket of chicken from KFC and some adult beverages. Bill and I invited Joe and Julie O’Brien, friends from the Chesapeake who moved to PGI two weeks ago and plan to join the PGIslanders as soon as PGICA opens. They are part of our “socially isolated” family.

The first boat to appear near us was Salty Dog II and then folks started checking in via VHF Channel 17. 34 boats in all!! The last boat, Sea Wings, arrived just as the sun was setting. And what a variety of boats we are! We were together, but safely apart. The PGIslanders is a cohesive, inclusive club, no matter what type of boating each of us does. I’m looking forward to when we can actually spend more time together.

Mary Yeomans