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Safe Boating Education Goal

The Punta Gorda Boater’s Alliance (the PGBA) is an organization consisting of about 27 local boating and fishing organizations.  One of its concerns is that as more boaters use Charlotte Harbor, the risk of boating accidents increase.  To make the waters safer for all boaters, the PGBA is asking that the member boating organizations set a goal of having 100% of its members take a Safe Boating Course.  The PGIslanders support this goal.

Having all our members take a safe boating course is especially important for PGIslanders members, as we are all required to own a boat and participate in Club Cruises.  In addition, our Operation Policy # 17 in short requires all members to make safe decisions about boating on our cruises.  It is also important that all of our members are safe boating qualified.  Though one member may generally function as the Captain of a vessel, the Co-Captain must be capable and ready to take over these duties at any time and to be capable to take over and handle the boat safely if the Captain becomes incapacitated.  We also believe it is appropriate that the PGIslanders set an example for other boating organizations.

If you have not taken a course, please let Membership know when you have completed a course.

Note: Members with a Coast Guard License, or who are graduates of the Naval, Coast Guard or Merchant Marine Academies automatically qualify as having taken a course.

If you have any questions, please call or e-mail any of the Education Committee members.


For Safe Boating Educational Courses

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