Operating Policies


[Hereinafter referred to as the Club]

(Adopted September 6, 2001; Revised December 4, 2018)

These Operating Policies are to aid and guide the members and leadership of the Club. These policies reflect the decisions and some of the more important motions approved by the Board of Directors and/or general membership on matters of a less permanent nature not warranting inclusion in the Bylaws. These polices are binding on members and Club operations. Additions, deletions and changes shall be made by the Board of Directors, which may at its discretion submit the matter to the Club membership for action (Unless required to do so by the Bylaws). These policies shall be reviewed in coordination with reviews of the Bylaws or as necessary and published on the Club Website.

      1. The Nominating Committee will select a slate of officers and directors from the entire membership with no expectation that one office shall necessarily follow another. The Nominating Committee will also recruit a leader of the Canal Clean-Up for the subsequent club year during its annual recruitment of club officers.  This position will be a non-voting position on the board (similar to that of Ship Store, Sunshine and Dinner for 8).

      2. In order to have expenses reimbursed, the person incurring the expense must have their expenses approved by their respective Director. Board of Directors members must have their own expenses approved by another member of the Board of Directors not on their Committee. All Club expenditures shall be reported monthly at the Board of Directors meeting.

      3. Once a budget is approved, the Treasurer is empowered to disburse according to the pre-established budgetary guidelines. The Board of Directors must approve any expenses above budgeted amounts prior to their disbursement.

      4. Members shall not take advantage of their Club status to achieve any discounts or incentives not offered to the general membership.

      5. No member may contract in the name of the Club unless previously authorized by the Board of Directors or the adopted budget.

      6. Any member may request consideration of a new Operating Policy or an amendment to or deletion of an existing Operating Policy by application in writing to the Commodore. The member proposing such change shall attend a Board of Directors meeting to support that recommendation for the Board of Directors consideration. If endorsed by the Board of Directors, the Board of Directors may at its discretion submit the matter to the Club membership for action. The rationale for this procedure for handling by the Board of Directors is in keeping with Club’s Bylaws, Article 4, Sections 1 and 2. Specifically, it is the purpose of the Board of Directors to manage the business of the Club in order to avoid taking up members’ time with the minutia of detailed activities of the organization.

      7. Annual dues for each fiscal year are $10 per individual membership. Dues for each additional adult in the same household are $10 per year. Each adult member is entitled to one vote. A reminder that annual membership dues for the following year are payable by December 31st will be e-mailed in early October, stated at the October general membership meeting, and posted on the Club’s web site. A postal or e-mail letter will be sent in early December to those members who have not yet paid their dues. In accordance with Bylaws, Article 2, Section 3B, dues not received by December 31st shall be cause for termination of membership.

      8. Any checks in payment for Club purchases or activities shall be made payable to "PGIslanders".

      9. Prospective members shall pay their first year dues within 30 days of acceptance.

      10. All members are required to purchase Club name badges and a Club burgee.

      11. A Sunshine Person reporting to the Membership Director shall send appropriate best wishes on behalf of the Club to any member who is seriously ill or condolences to the member’s family in the event of death. The manner of communication shall be determined within the annual budget.

      12. A Ships Store person shall report to the Treasurer and is responsible for maintaining a supply of items representative of the Club.

      13. Each Board of Directors member is responsible for ensuring that appropriate information regarding their respective Club duties is posted on the Club’s web site.

      14. It is the long standing policy of the club that, in view of the many competing needs, the club will not directly promote an individual charity/cause or fundraising activity. As a result the club does not permit fundraising activities or “sign ups” at any of their functions or through e-mail or website. This policy does not preclude the sponsorship of social or cruise events that may have some charitable fundraising as part of its objective, i.e., a sail race that may raise money for a cause or a concert that may have a similar objective. In the aforementioned examples the events will be promoted as an event and not as a charity/cause.

      15. The Club expects participation by one or both members of a household in Club activities. Minimum required participation is defined as (1) attending at least three general membership meetings, (2) going on at least two cruises by boat (Note: a member must use their own boat on one of the two required cruises) and (3) volunteering to work on at least one Club sponsored activity every Club year. This is known as the 3-2-1 rule. Participation consists of any of the following by one or both members from each household membership:

        1. Serving as a Club officer.
        2. Serving as a member on a permanent or board appointed committee.
        3. Serving on a single-function committee such as for a social event.
        4. Serving as a cruise captain [or co-captain] for a single cruise.

        New members are encouraged to participate fully in club activities, however it is understood that during the first calendar year of their membership they will not be expected to complete the minimum participation requirements.

      16. To be eligible for Club cruise credit, a cruise must:

        1. be approved by a Cruise Director/Chairperson
        2. have a Cruise Captain
        3. ensure sign-up is publicized and available to all Club members
        4. include a minimum of 3 qualifying boats operated by Club members
      17. A “Qualifying Boat”, shall meet the minimum guidelines and design elements as set forth in Article 2 Sec. A of the Bylaws and be a minimum of 17 feet in overall length including bow sprits, swim platforms, Motors etc.

        The Cruise Committee shall review the membership roster annually to ensure that all boats thereon meet these minimum requirements. New member boats shall be reviewed at the time of their approval for membership and changes to the roster shall be reviewed at the time of such change.

        Members using their tender(s) to their primary qualifying vessel will be given cruise credits for approved Cruise Committee advertised cruises.

      18. All participants (cruisers and guests) will receive one cruise credit per couple but only if they participate in the activities of the cruise.  Such participation may include but is not limited to attending the pre-cruise meetings, following a defined cruise itinerary, mooring at sites approved by the Cruise Captain, attending group dinners or attending other planned cruise activities.  The Cruise Captain will be responsible to award cruise credit based on his/her assessment of the reasonable participation on each cruise.

      19. Active members on a space available tag-along list will have priority over Associate members.

      20. Recognition Programs

        In order to recognize those persons who take on leadership roles in organizing cruises and coordinating social events and to encourage other members to take on leadership roles either as Cruise Captains or as Social Events chairpersons the board has established the following recognition program.

        The Cruise Captain or Co-Captains, up to a total of two for each cruise, and the Social Event Leaders or Co-Leaders, up to a total of two for each event, will be recognized for their efforts during a general meeting of the membership and will be awarded for their efforts.

        Each individual recognized will receive an award certificate redeemable at the Ship's Store for PGIslanders logo merchandise. When a cruise or social event is led by a single person the award will have a value of up to $10. When a cruise or social event is led by two people each will receive an award with a value of up to $5.

        The award certificate has no cash value and may not be used for any other purpose than full or partial payment for PGIslanders logo merchandise at the Ship's Store. No cash refunds will be given.

        Awards are designed to be given to one member and as such both spouses would not receive awards for the same cruise or social event.

        In exceptional cases for complex cruises or events the board may approve two full awards or three shared awards for a single event. It is intended that this exception would be seldom used.

        The board may from time to time change the amount to be awarded based upon cost and availability of PGIslanders logo merchandise.

        The Cruise Directors, Social Directors, and Ship's Store Manager will keep accurate records of awards granted and redeemed.

      21. For a member to be eligible for a work credit, a social event must be approved by the Social Committee chairperson, have a Social Committee member serve as an advisor to the event and have a publicized sign-up available to all club members.

      22. The Club’s Communications distributes email messages to members. Email is the official communication vehicle of the Club and all members are encouraged to receive them. When members join the club, it is presumed that the club has their permission to send them emails. All messages must be non-political and non-commercial. All email requests must be sent to Communications@PGIslanders.org. The email originator is responsible for getting approval from the appropriate Board Member before sending it sending it directly to Communications. Club business may include PGICA news and information and germane public service information.

      23. The Membership Director(s) shall be authorized to grant approval to new applicants for regular membership status providing those applicants own a qualifying boat located and operated in the Charlotte Harbor area. Applicants must meet all qualifications for membership  outlined in the PGIslanders Bylaws. Any such approvals by the Membership Director(s) shall be reviewed and confirmed at the next regularly scheduled board meeting