March Sunset Lake Sunday Raft-up

Sunday, March 1, 2020

For the First Sunday of this monthly cruise. 10 PGIlanders enjoyed the warmer spring tempatures to raft up from 2 unti 4:30, to enjoy good food and conversations. Steve & Kathy hosted everybody on their boat. Conversation on the guys side went from new davits for Bill Yeomans boat a work in progress. To it seems everybody in the group either goes north to the Great Lakes or to the east coast. Everybody either has a boat to live on, houses or condos. There was lots of food and laughs. We were all using Gary & Mary's boat as the anchor boat and at one point we were all watching the shore move closer. Sunset Lake is a spacious anchorage so, "Come one come all" to the Sunset Lake Raft Up. We decided not to have a raft up again until November 1st due to the fact that we will be heading down to the Keys and April 1st is Palm Sunday. IF anybody would like to take over this Raftup be my guest. Captain Steve will provide an "extra large" trophy to the boat that attends the most Sunday Raft Ups this year. Participants: Captain Steve Emmerman & Kathy WeberGary & Mary AndersonJohn & Mary Dewars- also on their Mainship with bow thruster was Timm & Nancy Hammond  Bill & Mary Yeoman came in their fishing boat.  

Cruise Captain: 
Steve Emmerman & Kathy Weber