Lunch Cruise to Edgewater Lake

Saturday, January 18, 2020
What a perfect day for 30 people to raft together on 10 boats at Edgewater late on January 18 for a pot luck lunch.  The host boat for the raft up was Toucana, owned by the Ackermans.  This large catamaran platform had room for all the food and participants but people did have a chance to tour some of the other larger boats present. 
We all posed for pictures taken by dinghy so we could record this successful event.  We were rafted by about 12:30 and we peeled off and headed for home across the harbor about 3.  The protection of the anchorage made rafting calm and safe and the crossing of the harbor gave a little kick to the trip.

Those participating were:

  1. Jack and Carol Ackerman on Toucana with guests the Stevens and Jones
  2. Gary and Mary Anderson on Merry Sea
  3. Marc and Joanna Boeckl (new members) on Toes Up
  4. Dan and Sharon Caldwell on Rhumbline II
  5. Richard and Joanne Collins on Lickity Split
  6. Kevin and Nan Lee on Leeway with guest Peg Williams
  7. Rob and Sue Linehan on Catalyst Too with guests Sue Fuller and Almut Haswell
  8. Jack and Jessie Martin on Cookie
  9. Jeff and Nancy Welch on Exile
  10. Bill and Mary Yeomans on Sea Hunt with guests the Commens and friend Joe


Cruise Captain: 
Rob & Sue Linehan
Cruise Co-Captain: 
Jack & Jessie Martin