Cruise Captains Guidelines


  1. Set Cruise and dates 3 months in advance if possible (Last minute non-marina cruises are possible)
    1. Check PGIslanders calendar for conflict.
    2. Contact cruise committee with proposed dates and name of captain
    3. Select Co-Captain (optional)
  2. Contact Marinas
    1. Obtain phone numbers, fax, email address, and contact person
    2. Determine amount of space available at marina.
    3. Check restrictions on boats due to the following:
      • Length of boat
      • Beam and depth for dock
      • Power available
      • Any special requirements
    4. Determine cost per foot, form of payment for registration and cancellation policy
    5. Local Information
      • Restaurants
      • Ground transportation
      • Local attraction
  3. Communication to Membership
    1. Forward email to all members via the Communication Director at
    2. Put on Cruise schedule Web-Site via the Web Master at
  4. Cruise Captain sets up sign up sheet to be used at monthly meetings (a copy is available on the web site or make your own)
  5. Members sign up for cruises in the following manner
    1. Contact captain by email
    2. Contact captain by phone
    3. Sign up at monthly meetings
    4. Sign up at the Monday night social (if provided by the captain)
  6. Following information will be provided by members when signing up:
    1. Name and Cell phone number
    2. Name and Length of boat
    3. Beam and Draft
    4. Sail or Power and cruising speed
    5. Power requirements
    6. Number of people on boat
  7. Set up Captains meeting not less than one week before cruise. It is possible to address issues by email, but meetings are preferred.
    1. Provide list of participants and boat names
    2. Itinerary and cruise details
    3. Cruise route, VHF channel
    4. Determine conditions for cruise cancellation.
      • if cruise is cancelled the cruise captain will contact marinas
  8. Confirm participation of Cruisers in the event.
  9. Prepare a Post-Cruise Report.
    1. Send List of participants to the Membership Chair for Cruise Credit
    2. Send to the Web Master.
      • Narrative of the activity
      • Include any pictures taken
    3. Provide to Cruise Committee any notes, contacts or details that would be useful in future cruises.