Ghost stories of Punta Gorda

Event Date: 
Friday, October 11, 2019
18 PGIslanders had a spooky good time on Oct 11, touring some of Punta Gorda and hearing ghost stories told to us by Eve Alexander. 
All the stories were based on real facts and actual people that lived here.  It was amazing learning about some of the facts while seeing the spots where they happened.  At one point we stopped and learned a little about meditation and the spirit world. 
There are many ghost rumors about Punta Gorda and we learned that many of them are true!
Those attending were: 
  • Chuck & Susie wood
  • Rob & Sue Linehan & their grandson Collen
  • John & Marilyn Jorgeson
  • Bernadette Klein
  • Toby & Almut Haswell
  • Mary Gensmer
  • Jim & Joanne Waschbusch
  • JoAnn Nemeth
  • Diane Port
  • Richard & Joanne Collins
Event Chairperson: 
Susie Wood