Cruise to Pelican Bay

Monday, April 27, 2020 to Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Cruise to Pelican Bay

April 27 – 29

PGIslanders were eager to get out and enjoy their boats and our lovely environment in a “social distance” cruise to Pelican Bay. Fourteen Islander boats participated in the cruise with beautiful weather and lots of great wildlife. Wind was favorable to sail south on Monday and sail north on Wednesday.

Current regulations prohibited access to the State Park, but participants enjoyed dinghy exploring to the Tunnel of Love and kayaking. Each evening a socially distant happy hour with everyone in their own dingy was organized in the lagoon. We were all highly entertained by the manatees who were very friendly to humans and to each other. Additional wildlife spottings included numerous active osprey nests, dolphin, bald eagles, and a salt water crocodile (yikes).

Participating Members and Boats

Tim and Claire Bidus   It’s About Time
Jeff and Nancy Welch   Exile
Bill and Mary Yoemans   Impulse
Bob Brasher and Maggie Rogers   SeaTryst
Dave and Diane Commens   Kai Lani
Tim and Nancy Crimmins   Photon IV
Steve Emmerman and Cath Weber   North Star
Dave and Betsy Jones   No Frets
Jack and Carol Akerman   Toucana
Richard and Joanne Collins   Lickity Split
John and Cindy Blondin   Panga
Mark Tempelmeyer and Helene Armitage   Ma Jolie
Chris and Diane Port   Happy Taffy
John and Ann Taylor, Cruise Captains   Livin the Dream
Cruise Captain: 
John and Ann Taylor