Cruise to Aquamarine Palm Harbor

Tuesday, March 3, 2020 to Friday, March 6, 2020

The Cruise really started Monday at Pelican Bay with a Pot Luck on Steve & Kathy's Boat North Star. We enjoying watching Dick & Kathy Oberle sail their beautiful 42 Catalina on the last leg to pelican bay. Tuesday everybody arrived some boats enjoyed the new slips in the new slips in the back basin and the rest in the front basin. Bill & Mary Yeoman managed to go to the committee meeting Tuesday morning and get to the marina around the same time as everybody else. We were limited to 7 boats and were sorry to limit this trip. Dinner was pot luck at the beautiful outdoor dinning area provided by Aquamarine. 

The wind cooperated with us and Wednesday we started the day with Kathy's Famous French Toast there were so many great breakfast treats that we did not know where to start. We all went over on the water a i and revived at 2:30 walked to the beach and started our great afternoon kite flying. Richard Collins won the men's trophy not only did he get his enormous plane (which he retrieved from his garage after many years of non use) into the air after working at it for two hours he fell many times and had the bruises to prove it. Dede Commens won the women's kite flying contest two years in a row. But there was a slight twist to the story. Dede had two strings holders one tied to the next. She lost the kite all together to the wind, Tim Bidus saw the second string holder caught on a tree risked his life to retrieve the kite. in the interim Dede put up a second kite. MeToo in action. So Tim got an award for his bravery. Dinner and drinks at the Royal Palm restaurant was in order. Claire Bidus received the desert trophy for her Haystack deserts she also made some remarkable sandwiches on Monday nigh Pot Luck and left us the leftovers for Lunch next day on the way to the marina on Tuesday (Good thinking on her part). 

Thurstay is a relaxing day swimming and relaxing in the jacuzzi and swimming in there monster pool. I decided card games where in order so I retrieved and old pack of cards that had been there for years. Tim & Claire tight us all the card game 31 this lasted for many hours, including the part of an honor system. 

Dinner was Leverback Restauant at the Marina.

Four sailboats raced home after the bridge and the wind most of the way was on a good quarter. Great time was had by all. 

Dave & Dede Commens sent Nick & Kellie Lalla a great picture of their boat sailing they also had done the same for us off Marathon in the past. Thanks for all the great pictures. There was an interesting picture that Dave Commens sent to Nick Lalla and myself. With Nick showing me how to use the olyrical exercise machine and he titled it "Incredible Hulk showing Spider Man how to excersize". i still laugh every time I think of it. Nick and i are good friends anyway. 

Participants at Aquamarine

1. Steve Emmerman & Kathy Weber

2. Nicholas & Kellie Laila - Steven their son was also present and played the piano during our swimming on Thursday afternoon (Dog aboard)

3. Tim & Claire Bidus

4. Dave & Dede Commens

5. Dick & Kathy Oberle

6. Bill & Mary Yeomans (Cat aboard)

7. Richard & Joann Collins (Cat aboard)

Cruise Captain: 
Steve Emmerman & Kathy Weber