Event Report Form

Choose a file format that you need to complete your report.

If you choose a Excel file, you can open it in Excel and add all of your report before printing.

  • Fill in top section include # of Participants and Cost per ticket, this should match Total Income on next section.
  • Revenue Section - All money received, list cash or check amount and total all.
  • Attach all receipts - put who gets reimbursed along with their address and number on receipt.
  • Description Section list all Expenses and their cost, minus the expense from revenue and note if Net Profit or Loss
  • To be signed by Event Chairperson and by appropriate Board Member and another Board Member in the event the Chair is already a Board Member.
  • Proceeds Report to be completed with money received listing amount, name, whether cash or check and check no. Then Total which should match amount in Revenue Section.